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Laser Treatments

Laser Treatments services offered in Chandler, AZ

As we journey our way into the new millinium, science and technology continues to provide us with advanced treatments that inspire a tighter, firmer and refined skin texture.  In today's world,  such treatments are both attainable and affordable without invasive surgery, pain, or extensive downtime. At Kefi Advanced Laser & Skin in Chandler, Arizona, our team of certified laser technicians perform numerous laser treatments that enhances your skin tone, refines the texture, and refirms the integrity of the skin.  Call our medical spa today or schedule an appointment online to learn more about all the laser treatments offered.

Laser Treatments Q&A

What are laser treatments?

Laser treatments are non-invasive skin treatments that renew the skin at a cellular level with less pain, downtime, or provide no risk of infection as opposed to cosmetic surgery.  How does this work?  To start, the skin's three layers: the epidermis (surface), the dermis (middle layer), and the hypodermis (fatty bottom layer) are targeted depending on the skin conditions.  Laser devices use FDA approved technology where a focused beams of light is produced to heat the skin's tissues at all levels. 


Laser treatments were designed to penetrate the top two layers of the skin; the epidermis and dermis without purposly damaging the skin’s surface. The laser light then heats the skin tissue to activate the body’s healing response.  This response stimulates collagen and elastin (connective tissue protiens) to repair the damage tissue. 


The end results produce an accelerate cell turnover, allowing fresh skin cells to replace old ones faster. That process helps target pigmentation and textural abnormalities for smoother, clearer skin.

Are there different types of laser treatments?

Just as there are different skin conditions that lasers can repair, there are different lasers.  Kefi Advanced Laser & Skin offers several laser treatments, such as:

CO2 CoolPeel®

CoolPeel is a CO2 is an advanced laser resurfacing treatment that reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, brown spots, hyperpigmentation, enlarged pores, and other common signs of aging with minimal downtime or discomfort.

Laser Hair Removal

Noted as one of the most popular of all laser treatments, laser hair removal permanently reduces the amount of unwanted hair anywhere on the body. Most popular areas include: arms, legs, back, chest, and bikini line. The treatment directs targeted laser light into the melanin (pigment) in the hair. The melanin absorbs the light, which converts to heat, and destroys the papilla and hair follicle, preventing continuous hair growth.


PicoWay lasers are known for its effectivness in removing tattoos, skin pigmentation issues such as melasma, hyperpigmentation, acne scars and benign lesions.  

What can I expect from laser treatments?

Laser treatments are safe and relatively comfortable compared to surgical procedures. To improve your comfort, our team may apply a topical anesthetic before your treatment. Once your skin is numb, a handheld device is used to direct laser energy into your skin. Most laser treatments take less than one hour and require only minimal downtime.


Call Kefi Advanced Laser & Skin today or schedule an appointment online to learn more about laser treatments.