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Injectables services offered in Chandler, AZ

If you desire younger-looking, healthier skin without invasive procedures or downtime, turn to the experts at Kefi Advanced Laser & Skin in Chandler, Arizona. We provide various cosmetic injectables to restore your skin’s youthful appearance without incisions or bothersome side effects. Call the office to learn more about your injectables options, or use the online booking feature today.

Injectables Q&A

What are injectables?

Cosmetic injectables available at Kefi Advanced Laser & Skin are noninvasive treatments for unwelcome signs of aging, such as fine lines, wrinkles, and lax skin. 

The practice offers Botox®, Dysport®, and Jeuveau® injectables that relax facial muscles associated with laugh, smile, and frown lines.

Kefi Advanced Laser & Skin also provides Juvéderm® and Galderma® dermal fillers, containing safe substances that add volume to sunken areas of your face or body. These injectables may reduce wrinkles, improve facial contours, or plump your lips.

What are the benefits of injectables?

The advantages associated with injectables at Kefi Advanced Laser & Skin include:

  • Enhanced facial symmetry
  • Larger lips
  • Reduced lines and wrinkles
  • Tighter, smoother, lifted skin
  • Younger-looking appearance
  • Self-confidence

By choosing injectables as part of your cosmetic treatment plan, there are no incisions, surgery, other invasive procedures, pain, or downtime. You can expect superior anti-aging results you are proud of, and without looking overdone.

Which injectables are best for me?

The Kefi Advanced Laser & Skin team helps you decide which cosmetic injectables match your needs after examining your skin, reviewing your medical history, and discussing your treatment preferences and beauty goals.

The practice also offers microneedling, chemical peels, laser and radiofrequency treatments, facials, and other exceptional aesthetic solutions. You may be a candidate for more than one type of injectable, as well as additional anti-aging options.

What happens when receiving injectables?

You relax in a comfortable chair when receiving cosmetic injectables at Kefi Advanced Laser & Skin. Your specialist numbs the treatment area, if needed, and cleans your skin before injecting wrinkle-relaxers or dermal fillers beneath the skin in problem areas. Each injection takes just a minute or two, and there’s no downtime after the procedure.

What should I expect after the injections?

You can get back to work or do other daily activities immediately after receiving cosmetic injectables. However, expect some temporary swelling and redness at the site of treatment. Botox, Dysport, and Jeuveau injections may take a few days to take effect, while you’ll notice the results of dermal fillers immediately. 

Fillers usually last six months to two years or more, while Botox and other neuromodulators often last 3-5 months. Repeat cosmetic injections provide long-lasting outcomes.

To learn more about cosmetic injectables at Kefi Advanced Laser & Skin and determine which are best for you, call the office or use the online booking tab today.